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Kelli Dipple

(London, and Australia)



Kelli Dipple, has worked for the past 7 years at the intersection of digital technology and performance practice. Originally having trained traditionally in theatre and dance at the Queensland University of Technology, Kelli has since developed a detailed knowledge of video conferencing, streaming media, web and digital video technologies. Specializing in remote and multiple site events.

Her practice maintains an interest in the integration of visual, interactive, communication and network technologies into live events for live audiences. Resent Research supported by the New Media Board of the Australia Council for the Arts, investigated the distribution of live events and screen culture across networks, utilizing multicast video conferencing and internet streaming networks. Looking at the impact of distribution on narrative and form, as well as the integration of these technologies into cultural venues. Between 2000 and 2002 Kelli held the position of Media Arts Development Manager at Site Gallery (UK), managing media and live art commissions, online development, artist residencies, a public use digital media suite and a workshops and training programme under the umbrella of the Imaging Innovation Lab at Site. Kelli is currently based in London operating as an artist and freelance project manager.

She has just started working at montevideo - time based media in amsterdam... where she will be located in the spring of 2003.


Kelli writes:

There are two main aspects to the work i do here (which i would like to continue developing in germany)

open sourse software development - in conjunction with montevideo i would like to beta test the use of this software whilst at Göttelborn
in conjunction with the team here in amsterdam and some freelance programmers we will be developing a client based java programme to use on a
PDA, using open source Personal Java for windows, in conjunction with a server side application in PHP, for the purpose of production and technical
management of remote and multiple site events. ... a chat / messaging / ftp / image + audio exchange, network analysis /
time converter + sync tool.

There will be two main components to the software. Firstly it will be a tool to aid the development, scheduling and co-production of distributed events,
enabling distant partners to extend negotiations and resources throughout development. Secondly it will be a tool for the technical management within
and around the context of a live distributed event.

the second aspect of the residency involves the development of a site specific performance... the concepts and themes i work with here i will
bring with me to Göttelborn, though of course a fairly open structure - and keen for collaborative opportunities. i am particularly interested in making
a little more use of MAX MSP or PD for live physical interactions between media and the body/environment across networks... wireless and portable communication solutions to transport the site specific into the venue and link the venue into the public. The work will be environmental, involving live video and performance mixed with prerecorded audio and video.

Conceptual starting points are as follows: surfaces and whispers... small scale projection onto skin and cement... / dirt, blemishes, bruises, cracks, scars - imperfections... memories, tracings, breakage, spillage / fragmented and distributed timeframes, breath patterns - extreme close ups.../ brief encounters and interactions. . . collapse, flesh and crutch

- after germany i will again return to amsterdam in august to deliver a workshop and presentation of the project outcomes at montevideo