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"finally a place..." is an audiovisual installation which explores the human search for a safe space, an intimate sacred space. Such a space may or may not be extinct in our global reality but it motivates a journey through fantasmatic emotions of our times. In this installation, the visitors are invited to follow the journey and discover their own perceptions of what such a "sanctuary of the heart" might be.

The interface design of this interactive exhibition is created by Wendy Aldwyn, Johannes Birringer, Serena Lin and Anna Fay Williams. Production assistance by Chris Aranda.

It is shown at the new TRANS-SITE Studio, 1412 West Alabama, Houston, TX, from December 13 through 22. This collaborative work is produced by AlienNation Co. and cosponsored by Trans-Art Foundation.

Opening reception : Friday, December 13, 6:oo- 9:oo pm. Entry is free - gallery hours are 12 noon to 9 pm every day.


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