AlienNation Co. is a laboratory for cross-cultural, multimedia production. Research has evolved organically out of several collaborative performance projects staged in the early 1990s. The first performance, "AlienNation", carrying the title of the organization, was staged in 1993. Four years later, in 1997, the company was incorporated in 1997 as as non-profit arts organizatiob based in Houston. Over the past years, AlienNation Co. has been exploring the connections between live performance, site specific performance and interactive media art, devising new processes of composition that combine choreography with real time synthesis, video, acoustic and electronic music, telepresence, and visual arts/plastic processes.

Experimenting with either site-specific/cross-cultural or conceptual performance materials, AlienNation has been concerned with physical-emotional experience (in the body) and with the ideology of visual objects/images. Its experimental work includes theatre and dance pieces, installations, film concerts, streaming media, along with video production, DVDs & CD/CD-ROMs, documentation, and writing.


The work addresses issues of our time and our various, overlapping cultural experiences. In collaborative environments with artists in other locations, it contributes to the crossing of borders and the exchange of creative dialogues in the world.

Artistic Director: Johannes Birringer

AlienNation connects several laboratories and their creative ventures

johannes.birringer at brunel.ac.uk

orpheus at rice.edu