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"Saira Virous"

multi-player online performance environment, linking two or more sites in a game script.

This project is developed at LATela, the Live Art Telematics Lab, in collaboration with ADaPT partners in the USA and Brasil.

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international research laboratory in interactive media and communicational technology

Göttelborn Coal Mine, Saarland (Germany)

Laboratory 2: July 5-18, 2004 enter here.



"Ensaio sobre a cegueïra"

(Versuch über die Blindheit)

opera installation, conceived and created by Paulo C. Chagas and Johannes Birringer,

in collaboration with Interaktionslabor and AlienNation Co. Enter here.


Workshop rehearsals in Göttelborn, July 2004; installation version premieres in 2005, and the stage version in 2006.


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