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Design and telematic performance piece created by Johannes Birringer, Michèle Danjoux, Helenna Ren and members of the partner site in Arziona (Dance Department at Arizona State University)


A diptych film installation of the evolving work with intelliigent garments and emergent design was presented at DRHA, Dartington College of Arts, September 3-6, 2006, and at Prague Quadrennial, Design-in-Motion Festival, Prague, Czech Republic, in June 2007.


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"Suna no Onna"

interactive dance exhibition-performance created by the London ensemble of the DAP Lab under direction of Johannes Birringer

world premiere, Laban Centre, London, December 2007


Suna no Onna, adapted from Hitoshi Teshigahara's mysterious 1960s cult movie, is a dance installation that merges virtual and real images of a life of existential entrapment in an inhospitable habitat. The ominous sand dunes of Teshigahara's desert are transformed into virtual realities that shape the unconscious ground where the Woman (Katsura Isobe) meets a scientist-foreigner who stumbles into her life to become a captive. The work combines dance, interactive video and animation, fashion design, and electronic music created by an ensemble of artists from diverse creative backgrounds. The integration of the various elements of this performance follows an experimental fashion design concept for the development of sensorial and interfacial garments (built with intelligent materials) which respond to movement qualities, energies and emotional gesture.

Conceived and directed by Johannes Birringer and Michèle Danjoux, the stage production features new fashion concepts by Danjoux and digital designs by a group of collaborating artists including Paul Verity Smith, Doros Polydorou, Maria Wiener, and Jonathan Hamilton. Original music is composed by Oded Ben-Tal, and the scenography is by Hsueh-Pei Wang. Lighting design by Miguel Alonso. Suna no Onna is performed by an international cast of three – Japanese dancer Katsura Isobe, British dancer Olu Taiwo, and Chinese dancer Helenna Ren.

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A video installation project by AlienNation Co. (Johannes Birringer, Angeles Romero, David Esquenazi)

prepared for gallery exhibitions in 2007

Houston, TX


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