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interactive dance

Sosana Marcelino (dance) Michèle Danjoux (wearables, design) John Richards (electronics) Johannes Birringer (camera)


This laboratory performance involves the creation of "audiophonic design in motion" choreography based on the DAP-Lab method of prototyping and generating wearables that incorporate sensortized or amplifiable electronic/electroacoustic devices worn on the body of the dancer . These wearables are part costume part instrument directly attached to the body (in the case of bourdon – two small speaker-circuits that are attached to the inside of the arms/wrists), allowing the dancer to create a character that moves the sounds in the performance, creating gestural styles of live sonic manifestation. This work continues the artists' research into extended instruments and choreographic objects, not necessarily emphasizing interactivity and live processing as much as the figural work of dance as an audiophonic movement-concert.



August 2011

created and performed in residence at

9th International Interaktionslabor

Göttelborn (Germany)







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