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Lung Pulmo Pneumo

dance film

Aggeliki Margeti in Lung Pulmo Pneumo © 2012 DAP-Lab/Johannes Birringer


film preview



Lung Pulmo Pneumo is a dance film in three sections, featuring Aggeliki Margeti (choreography and performance) in a solo dance focusing on the intricate relations of movement to the sound of breathing and heartbeat. The sound in this performance is first created live through a microphone (worn in the mouth) and a bio-radio (worn on the chest), then reprocessed and recomposed by Alexandre Ménéxiadis.

Breath and movement are two interdependent actions; every human being needs the breathing and also needs the movement of the heart and the movement of the blood throughout the blood vessels to stay alive. Air travels through organs and systems in the human organism and this action, ventilation, is driven by muscular action. This rhythmic, repeated and cyclical action of the organism, the breath cycle, makes the body move.

In this short film, Aggeliki Margeti creates a performance of megapneumie, or mega-breath, and the result of it upon the body, building a ‘physical poem’ through her movement and exploring how this form of ‘sound-breath’ poetry can be interpreted in a performative-physical way. Through the performance one can observe how her body moves following the different dynamics and sounds created by the megapneumie and how on the other hand the megapneumie is affected by movement and different dynamics of the dancing body. Lung Pulmo Pneumo can be considered a collaboration between movement and breathing, between dance and poetry, through a choreography which researches the inside movement of the body (the heart, lungs, tongue, throat, etc.) as a product of megapneumie poetry. The film is deliberately held in a monochrome and close up style in order to not distract the viewer from the breathing/sounding, keeping all cuts to a minimum and emphasizing a choreography of continuous, fluid and physical camera intimacy.

Film by Johannes Birringer
Dance/Choreography by Aggeliki Margeti
Sound Processing: Aggeliki Margeti, Alexandre Ménéxiadis

Filmed on location Artaud Performance Center, London
Editing and psotproduction by Johannes Birringer
HD, color/sound
Length: 13:38
(c) DAP-Lab © 2012




submitted to Motion Captured

An Evening of Dance on Film as a Part of Dance Month 2013

Dance Month at the Evelyn Rubenstein Jewish Community Center, celebrating its 33nd year of bringing exciting and innovative dance events to Houston, has announced the addition of Motion Captured, an evening of dance on film, to its 2013 calendar.



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