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Obra sobre la vida de Frida Kahlo en español [Dirección: Ángeles Romero ~ Actuación escénica: Sayra Alejandra Contreras Chavez].


en MECA [1900 Kane St. Houston, TX] ENERO 23 & 24@8pm | 25 @3pm. 2015.

Compra de boletos https://meca.secure.force.com/ticket


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Metabody Platform, at STEIM Amsterdam


Beakhand speaker wearable. designed by Michèle Danjoux and performed by Miri Lee © 2014 DAP-Lab


film preview




The DAP-lab's current research program (2013- 2018) is supported by the EU Culture Programme as part of the collaborative trans-european METABODY research project. DAP-Lab is one of the co-organizers of the Metabody Project and has started to work with new partners in Spain, Italy, Portugal, Germany, Switzerland and the Netherlands on the creation of new prototype performance designs.

METABODY will elaborate a critique of the unsustainable tendencies of cultural homogenisation of Information Society and develop new communication technologies that highlight the embodied differences in expression and communication, developing interactive multisensorial laboratories of perception and movement integrated in a mobile experimental interactive/intra-active architectural structure and embodied social network for performances, installations, workshops, seminars, residencies and continuous research, that will tour throughout 9 european cities.


Metabody Platform presentations in December 2014 (film released in 2015):

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MotionComposer - installation-instrument
Disalignments-Metakinesphere-Amorphogenesis - metaformance
Monster-illegible affects (Miri performing though the analysis of movement from Infomus to Marijés sonofication of it) - performance/demo
Matcushion - installation/demo
Almost speaking of a touch - performance/demo of wearable designs
Phantom Limb (parallel workshop wearing devices)
Microsexes (parallel workshop wearing devices)



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